Everyone's got a top 5 list, here's ours. Top 5 slices.
5. Artichoke Pizza
Sure everyone talks about the Artichoke slice, but in our minds, its a little overrated. Not to mention incredibly heavy. So skip the 24 hours on the elliptical you'll need to work it off and just go for the Margherita, it's solid. We love the location on 14th Street and First Avenue but they've got a few. https://www.artichokepizza.com/

4. Joe's Pizza
Joe's Pizza and the West Village go together like PB&J. They go together like Allnewyears.com and 5 Hour Premium Open Bar Parties with Champagne Toasts. It's just meant to be. http://www.joespizzanyc.com/

3. Sauce
Sauce has all the sauce. Literally. And it's so good, you get a small extra cup to dip yours in on the side. Now some Pizza purists might scoff at such a new establishment to hit the list, but they got it goin' on. Plus, Sauce has a location right by all the action of Manhattan's Lower East Side. We'd definitely hit it up before heading to the Parish NYC NYE 2020 5 Hour Premium Open Bar Party.

2. NY Pizza Suprema
Who would have thought right across the street from Madison Square Garden... Right by Penn Station ... Right next to the iconic James A. Farley Post Office Branch, would be one of the greats?! Get: The classic plain slice, upside down, or fresh mozz and basil. Pro Tip: That Post Office is also home to the One and Only Postal Museum! Talk about a rager locale for your next tinder date...  http://nypizzasuprema.com/

1. New Park Pizza
New Parks dough is fluffy like naan, and salty like the waters of Rockaway Beach. And one things for sure, nothing says summer like a slice from New Park. But until that happens, maybe you will take the trip, to our Pizza Shangri-La, and maybe you, will put $100 on black and hit afterwards at Resorts World ( AKA The Racino ) . If we all did that, then in the immortal words of Ice Cube: Today was a Good Day.  http://newparkpizza.com/

- Until Next Time New Years Heads,
- Alex. ALLNEWYEARS.COM blogger of the year.